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Date: April 19th, 2017

OK, I will admit it, it’s not easy to get a dog to stop jumping, especially when you get home from being away from him, and he’s so cute! However, it is possible! Now when I come home, my pup Valentino sits and waits for me to pet and acknowledge him- he’s wiggling in excitement, and sneezes and smiles with pure bliss, but he remains seated, its really cute and pleasant especially if you have nice clothes on!

When your dog does jump up, don’t interact with him, meaning do not push him down or touch him, because just doing that is approval enough. Instead stand like a tree, or give him your back. I think turning around to give him your back is a better option, then the pups paws don’t go where they dont belong, and also you won’t be suckered into looking at him either (because that is a communication sign). Then, give him a command he knows, like SIT, and once he SITS then praise and treat him. Don’t give too much attention, because it may trigger jumping again. Your dog will start to understand if he wants your attention, he must stop jumping.

Happy dog bowl is a very happy hungry eager and excited dog asking to have his meal