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Whiskers and Leo Pet Care strives to provide the best customer service possible! Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions; however, if you still have other questions, please feel free to call Loni at 201-942-1245.

Why are your prices not listed on your website?

  • We believe that every pet care assignment is unique, and we would like the opportunity to discuss all of your options with you. In order to make the perfect service selection, we need to know details about your pet such as his health, routine, temperament, past history etc, and then we can discuss pricing based upon that selection.
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What kind of pets do you care for?

  • We care for all domestic pets, including dogscats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, mice, reptiles, and chinchillas. If you have a pet that is not listed, just ask!
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Where is your facility located?

  • We are NOT a facility. We are an in-home professional pet care company, which means we take care of your pets in the comfort of your own home, or in our pet sitters’ homes. We do not believe in caging or confining our pets.  Check out our article on Day Care vs. Dog Walker.
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Why should I hire a pet sitting and dog walking service?

  • Pets thrive on routine. A pet’s home is his sanctuary, and most get very nervous and anxious when taken to a facility; this is an unfamiliar and unknown environment. A professional in-home pet care company can alleviate some of this anxiety, because your pet will be kept on his same routine whether in his home or our sitter’s home, and he will also get the proper care and individualized attention that he is use to throughout the day.
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What is the importance of mid-day dog walks?

  • A well-exercised dog is a happy dog, and is therefore less likely to display destructive behavior in your home. Also providing a stimulating break during the day can help prevent and/or alleviate separation anxiety and other common disorders/problems. Last but not least, all pets crave human companionship, and if you are gone most of the day that means your furry friend is all alone. A mid-day walk really breaks up the monotony of the day for your dog.
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How is your service different than an independent pet sitter?

  • The old adage “You get what you pay for” is definitely true in the pet care industry. With Whiskers and Leo you are getting a professional company, excellent customer service 24/7, a team of experienced background checked sitters so there is always someone available, and peace of mind that we are insured and bonded. Check out the Whiskers & Leo Commitment to Excellence.
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Do I get to meet the sitter before the actual service?

  • Of course! All of our new clients are offered a free in-home consultation. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet the sitter, and the sitter will meet your pet and get accustomed to your pet’s specific needs! If you are booking a boarding service, this consult will take place in the sitter’s home. Also, whenever you are assigned a back-up sitter or new sitter, you have the option to meet the sitter before the assignment.
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Do you offer any discounts?

  • Yes! We offer discounts to NYPD, FDNY, EMT, Coastguard, and Port Authority, as a thank you for your service.
  • We offer a senior citizen discount.
  • We offer a dog walking and boarding frequency discount.
  • We also offer referral discounts!
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What is your cancellation policy?

  • For boarding and in-home overnight sitting services, a cancellation charge of 25% will be applied for services cancelled less than 1 week of assignment starting date.
  • For all other services, we require 48 hours notice. If the service is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee equal to the cost of those services that were to be performed within that 48 hours will be applied, except on holidays. On holidays, 72 hours notice is required.
  • Early returns from vacation will be charged for services scheduled.
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Do you accomodate last minute reservations?

  • Of course! We will do everything we can to find a sitter for you last minute, although we cannot guarantee it. We book up quickly in the summer and on all major holidays, so try to book in advance!
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Do you charge extra for last-minute reservations?

  • A late booking fee will apply with less than 24 hours advance notice.
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Do you charge extra on holidays?

  • We add a $15 holiday service charge to your bill for the following holidays and holiday weekends: Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day and Weekend if applicable, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Day and Weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Week (one time $15 charge for any visits scheduled from December 23rd to December 31st, if no visits actually land on the holiday), New Year’s Eve after 4 PM and New Year’s Day. If you have 2 or more visits on the holiday, its $10 per visit for the holiday fee.  In addition, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required when booking boarding services on holidays, and in summer months.
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What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Visa or Master Card. We store your credit card number in our secure pet sitting software called Pet Sitter Plus, and we do not charge your card until the end of the month that you received service. If your service spans over two months, you will receive two invoices, and your card will be charged at the end of each month that you received service.
  • If you do not own a credit card, please give us a call and we can discuss other options.
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What is Pet Sitter Plus?

  • Pet Sitter Plus is the online business management tool that we use to keep track of our pet sitting schedules and all of our client’s information, including their pet’s information, such as feeding instructions, vet information, vaccination information, and any other specific information we collect at the free in-home consult.  It also has a GPS Check in/out feature, so you have peace of mind while you are away or at work!
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Can you spend extra time with my pet, beyond the usual visit length?

  • Of course! Just ask, and we can arrange it! Contact us for pricing.
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What are your hours for pet care?

  • Our regular pet sitting and dog walking hours are 8 am to 9 pm. There will be an additional charge of $10.00 for requested visits before 8 am and after 9 pm.
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What does it mean that you are insured and bonded?

  • We carry a comprehensive liability insurance policy that covers up to two million dollars in damages and bodily injury. This protects you from financial loss in the event we are liable for accidents that occur while caring for your pets. In addition, our policy covers your pets while they are in our care, custody and control. Any responsible professional business should carry liability insurance.
  • We also carry a ten thousand dollar dishonesty bond. This gives you the peace of mind that you will be reimbursed if anything is stolen from your home. You should always make sure that any workers who enter your home carry a dishonesty bond.
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Will I get the same sitter each time I call and book a service?

  • Our goal is to have the same sitter care for your pet each and every time; however, if you are not a regular dog walking client we cannot guarantee that your sitter will be available every time you call. Therefore, we give all of our clients a primary sitter, and a back-up sitter. This alleviates any anxiety that your sitter might not be available. Don’t worry, we won’t let your pet go uncared for!
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What happens if my sitter has an emergency and can’t come?

  • If your primary sitter has an emergency, then your back-up sitter will be notified, and so will you. In the case that your back-up sitter is not available either, there is always Nicole and Loni, the owners, to care for your pet! You couldn’t ask for more personal service!
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What vaccinations does my pet need before using your services?

  • In order to use our services, your pet needs to be up-to-date on their rabies and distemper shots, and if you will be using our boarding services, your pet also needs a bordetella shot and be on flea/tick treatment.
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Do you administer medications, and give shots or administer subcutaneous fluids?

  • Yes, and there is no extra charge! We can give all types of medications, including pills, drops, ointments, and lotions. We can also give shots and administer subcutaneous fluids. We have many diabetic clients requiring twice daily injections, so we are aware of the importance of this!
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What will you do if my pet becomes ill while I am away?

  • If we feel that something might be wrong with your pet while you are away, we will try to reach you, and your emergency contact person. If you would like us to take your pet to the veterinarian, we will do so. In the event we cannot reach you, we will decide if your pet should be seen by the veterinarian. For pre-existing conditions, you will be billed for any extra services or time spent in doing so.
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Do I need to give you a key to my house?

  • If we need to enter your house to perform pet care services, we will need a key. We usually collect two keys from the client during the in-home consultation. One key is given to the sitter, and one key is kept in the office for emergency purposes.
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Can you keep my key on file for future visits?

  • Most of our clients like the convenience of us keeping their keys on file; therefore, when you need our services again, all you have to do is call or email us! When we keep your key, it does not have your name or address attached to it. It just has your pets’ name and your client number. If you do not wish us to keep your key on file in our office, you will be charged for key drop-off and pick-up (other than for the free initial consultation).
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