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    Kelsey M.

    kelseyHello!!   My name is Kelsey, I am a relatively new resident to Hoboken, hailing from the great state of Connecticut. What I lack in time spent living here I make up for in love for our little town. I often find I’m taking myself out for walks and exploring, saying hi to every pup I pass. My personality is probably more of a dog although I like to think of myself as a cat whisperer. I have a furry friend back home, Chico Stevens, an all black rescue cat. His namesake being a combo of Chico Marx and Cat Stephens, although if you ask my brother the name is up for debate… he calls him Flash. I’m very excited to join the Whiskers and Leo family and can’t wait to meet your own furry friends!

    Gina Dayawon

    Gina “Hi there! My name is Gina and I’m from Jersey City, and have been there my whole life. I grew up with an old German shepherd/rottweiler mix named Kato, and have been around and helped to care for many other animals. These include dogs, a cat, fish, hamsters, parrots, and a variety of reptiles. Currently I have a pair of ball pythons that are about one and a half years old. I love all animals and I can’t wait to make friends with your pets too!”

    Aashna Patel

    Aashna“Hi my name is Aashna. I was born and raised in Hoboken, NJ and am currently residing in Jersey City, NJ. I am married of 6 years, and have 2 children (5 and 3) and recently rescued a 1 year old Orange Tabby cat named Sonu. I grew up around dogs and cats, and have always loved the company of them. I have been a previous owner of a Keeshond/ Chow Chow mix , as well as CockerSpaniel and adore the many different breeds. I am a outgoing person who enjoys long walks with dogs, even a simple jog. I provide a secure loving home for sittings and boarding, where the attention for your pet will be unlimited. Cant wait to meet you and your pet!”

    Nestor V.

    nestorHi! I’m Nestor and I absolutely LOVE what I do- caring for animals! I myself have a German Shepherd named Neji, who I care for like a child, and I aim to show that same love and affection to your pet!

    Andrea Bazan

    andreaHello my name is Andrea! I am a big animal lover! I spent about 3yrs working for the University of Georgia Small Animal Hospital and a private clinic Good Hands in Athens, GA. I’m originally from the northeast born and raised in CT but moved to the south 5 yrs ago. Coming back up here has been an experience and I’m excited to be able to work with what I love most- animals!!

    Yama Almas

    yamaHello everyone! My name is Yama. I recently finished obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Television & Radio Production from Brooklyn College. My love for TV & Film can only matched by my love for animals. I have two cats; Luffy & Kato (Kato’s the handsome devil enjoying the snow day with me). They’ve slowly weaseled their way into becoming my best pals. Overall, I’ve always tried to impact animals’ lives in a positive way; whether it’s helping a lost pup on the street find their way home, or bottle-feeding a litter of kittens (it’s adorable, highly recommend you try it). I’m excited to give that same level of commitment to you & your pets because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that our pets deserve only the best. Looking forward to meeting all of you & your little rascals!

    Sara Hain

    saraHi there! My name is Sara and I recently came to Hoboken to pursue an undergraduate degree in Business and Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology. I have always had a love for animals and I have been working/playing with dogs as long as I can remember! I always had pets growing up and I just love seeing their endless positive energy, it always rubs off on me! I am so excited to be joining the Whiskers and Leo Community and I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

    Daniel Jacome

    danielapplicatinphoto-copyMy name is Daniel Jacome and I am a senior Chemical Biology Student at Stevens Institute of Technology living in Hoboken, NJ. I have a special place in my heart for animals as I have had a dog in childhood and currently have the sweetest, sassiest tuxedo cat. It is my hope that I will be able to bring your pet the same comfort and happiness that my pets have brought me through the years!

    Brittany O’Brien

    bittany Hi! My name is Brittany, and I’m a middle child of four siblings and have two Shih Zhu dogs named Kobe and Kiku. Growing up in Jersey City near Hamilton Park I used to see and still see many dogs. I am currently pursuing my degree in Business Administration, majoring in Management. I have always loved animals and being the animal lover that I am, you won’t hesitate to have selected a great sitter to care for the needs of your pets. I look forward to meeting you and your pets as they will be in good hands with my services! I am excited to be a a Whiskers and Leo sitter!

    Abby McTaggart

    abbyHi! I’m Abby a recent Hoboken resident who’s studying Political Science at Hunter College in Manhattan. I love anything with four legs, music and funky hair colors. I am the owner of a Lhasa Apso named Buster and a cute ferret named Melody. My love for animals is immense because I think they are the most precious beings. I’ve always had pets growing up, from Guinea pigs to german shepards! Finding Whiskers and Leo’s Pet Care was awesome! I’m so glad to be part of a business who cares so much about our clients and their fur-babies. Can’t wait to meet you!

    Nicole Placencia

    nicolepHello! My name is Nicole and I am a student at New Jersey City University. I am current studying to become a elementary teacher. The love I have for children is the love I have for pets! I believe each pet deserves to be cared for and loved which Whiskers and Leo can provide. I have two pets of my own which I love deeply.I enjoy taking my dogs on long walks and giving them the exercise they need. I will take care and watch over your pet as if they were my very own. I look forward on meeting your pet, creating a special loving bond!

    Zoe Spiegelhoff

    zoeHi! My name is Zoe Spiegelhoff. I’m currently an undergraduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology and I’m studying Chemical Biology. After, I would like to attend Veterinary School. Animals are a very big part of my life and have always been growing up. At home, I have a standard Poodle named Caddie who are super lovable. I’m so excited to meet all your pets and join the Whiskers and Leo Community!

    Marlo Santagata

    marlo2Hi, my name is Marlo and I currently live in Hoboken, NJ. I’m attending NYU for my master’s degree in speech pathology. Growing up my family and I had a variety of dogs. Currently, my mom owns a barrage of animals (two cats, and 3 Yorkshire Terriers) that I adore. I’m also an aunt to my brother’s mini bull terrier-Poe. I have two cats of my own and I love them. I use to volunteer at an anti-cruelty society working in their cats’ division and I enjoyed it. I find animals so calming and really enjoy being around them. I hope I get to meet your animal soon.

    Emily Granados

    emilyGHello! My name is Emily, and I’m a passionate animal lover. I reside in Union City which give me a great access to work in Hoboken. I have the pleasure to enjoy my sweet and loving pup who I rescued from a high kill shelter Manhattan New York. I also have a the Joy to own a cat who is a faithful companion to my dog in their daily life and love each other more anything on earth. Having been a pet sitter and a dog walker for my family also for my friends for the last six years, I have met and work well with all breads and needs. I promise you that your furry friend will be well taken care while you are away from home. I am grateful to work for Whiskers and Leo Pet Care that gives me the opportunity to work in a field that I love the most on earth — furry babies!

    Addriane Garcia

    addrianeHey my name is Addriane Garcia , and I live in Union city , NJ . Im a high school graduate , love to laugh and smile , and like to have good vibes . I  have always had animals around me since I was young . Working with animals has always been a great learning experience for myself too. It would be a pleasure to work with you and you’re furry friend ?

    Missy Dowse-Rivera

    MissyDowseRiveraPic copy

    Hello!  My  name  is  Missy.  I’m  a  New  York  native  who  recently  relocated  to  Weehawken  with  my  wonderful  husband  and  amazing  dog,  Shea.  The  two  things  I  am  most  passionate  about  are  animals  and  the  arts.  I  grew  up  with  pets  of  all  different  shapes  and  sizes;;  from  dogs  and  cats  to  newts  and  guinea  pigs.  I  really  love  animals,  but  dogs  hold  a  special  place  in  my  heart.  They’re  so  amazing!  I  have  experience  volunteering  at  animal  shelters,  and  I  am  organizing  a  concert  series  to  raise  money  for  shelters  in  the  metropolitan  area.  I  think  Gilda  Radner  said  it  best  when  she  said,  “I  think  dogs  are  the  most  amazing  creatures;;  they  give  unconditional  love.  For  me  they  are  the  role  model  for  being  alive.”  I  can’t  wait  to  meet  you  and  your  fur-­baby!

    Jillian Greatsinger

    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    Hi everyone! My name is Jillian Greatsinger, I am currently studying Naval Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, while being a swimmer on the Stevens Swim Team. I grew up on Long Island, NY, but moved to Hoboken this past summer. I was born into a family who loved animals, my parents had a bunny, a turtle, fish and a Newfoundland puppy when i was born. Thus being said i have always loved being around animals. My cousins always came over with their Pitbull puppies and kittens. I also have been a baby/pet sitter since i was 12 years old. I have pet sat a multitude of different types of dogs, cats, a couple of turtles, Guniea pigs and even a two headed snake. I truly love all animals and I’m very excited to be a part of the Whiskers and Leo team. I can’t wait to meet you and your furry friends!

    Jessica Cote

    JesicaHi all!! I’m Jessica and I just relocated to Hoboken from Florida. One of the first things that I noticed and intrigued me about this charming town was all of the dogs around! I said to my boyfriend, “Can you get a dog so I can walk it, PLEASE!?!”  His response was, why don’t you be a dog walker?  And the rest is history! I work in the city as an executive assistant but look forward to seeing your furry friends when I return. Through out my whole life animals have been near and dear to my heart. I am currently a mom to the coolest cat around Milo, step-mom to my roommates cat Boe and I have a teacup Pomeranian who just turned 11 and still is the cutest little thing! I’m that girl that tries to save every stray cat, feeds the horses in Central Park and makes friends with every wagging tail that crosses my path!  Moving to a new city I was looking for a hobby to be more involved. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to partner with Whiskers and Leo, for animals are my true passion. I can’t wait to spoil and snuggle with your four legged family members! :)

    Brianna Perez

    briannaHi everyone, my name is Brianna Perez.  I am originally from Houston, Texas but moved to Hoboken this past August.  I am a freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology, I am studying to become a chemical engineer and I am on the varsity volleyball team.  When it comes to animals, I love all of them!  When I was 3 years old my parents asked me if I wanted a little brother or sister.  I told them “No, but I want a puppy!” And that’s when my love for animals really took off. I have had 3 dogs over the years, one was a chocolate lab, one was a rescued lab/pit-bull/pointer mix, and one was a rescued beagle.They quickly became by best friends and I love them with all of my heart! Along with having my own dogs to care for I have also taken care of many other pets for my friends, family, and neighbors.  I have taken care of many other dogs, cats, fish, bunnies, and even two bearded dragons! Every animal I have ever cared for I have treated like my own. I know the kind of love, care, and attention animals need.  I look forward to meeting you and your four-legged best friends!

    Rita McLaughlin

    ritaHi, my name is Rita and I have a soft spot in my heart for animals and pets!! I was born and raised in Weehawken; explored  around a bit and found my way back home where I currently live with my husband. Pets of all types have been in my family growing up so I have a vast appreciation for all kinds. A few hobbies of mine are painting, photography, hiking archery, and reading.  I’m excited to dog walk and pet sit for Whiskers and Leo, and I’m also boarding in my home as well :)  Can’t wait to meet you and your furry one!

    Elena Piper

    elenaHi! I’m Elena and I am currently a Stevens student studying quantitative finance.  My family currently lives in Virginia and I spent most of my childhood in South Carolina.  Growing up, my family had two miniture poodles but I love animals of all sizes and types!  Animals are a true blessing and I love how they can turn any bad day into a great one by making you smile!”

    Danny L.

    dannyphotoHi pet lovers, my name is Danny.  The fluffy fella in the photo is Jean-Luc , my rescued Tom I found cowering under a hailstorm a few years ago after being dumped on the street by some horrible person.   He is the fourth cat I have had the pleasure of living with & caring for and after 3 demure females he is quite a handful. My other cats were 2 Tabbies and a Siamese, Agnes , Eartha & Ming, which had long lives but in the end succumbed to cancer.  It is heartbreaking trying your hardest to keep them alive just a little longer , because after all, just a few months is a long time in the relationship between you and your furry ones.  I grew up with the country with dogs and was always the one doing the walking.  I often embarrass myself these days a little too much by approaching and chatting to every dog I see on the sidewalk.  I live in Weehawken overlooking the helix, so if you come down you might see me helping the stray cats with food and water, and you can pick my brain on creating the perfect winter shelter for homeless kitties.  I look forward to helping you care for your four-legged friends!


    Lindsay Sierra

    kisses copyHello all! My name is Lindsay and I am currently 22 years old. I just finished obtaining my Bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey. My studies have centered around nonprofits, community development, and environmental studies. The only thing I love more than helping people, is helping animals! I have always been passionate about animals, I was dubbed the “Dog  Whisperer” in my family at a young age. I understand the important part pets play in our families, and I so look forward to meeting yours!

    Emmy D.

    EmmyBioPic1 copyHi, I’m Emmy. I am a culinary arts graduate of 2014 and a Red Cross Certified Babysitter with a year and half experience. I love spending time with family, animals, and my hobbies are karate and creative arts.  I was practically raised to care for animals. I have a cat named Lacey; she is my little minx. I also care for my grandma’s dogs Rocky and Biejo. I’m looking forward to caring for your pets too!!


    James Manzolillo

    James Manzolillo Photo with Birkin copy

    Growing up in rural upstate New York gave me the opportunity to always be surrounded by really great pets, ranging from dogs and cats to horses and rabbits. I find so much joy in spending time with animals and caring for them. I feel such a sense of fulfillment and joy after spending quality time with great pets.

    I am currently the proud father to an energetic Yorkshire Terrier named Birkin (although I call him nug/nugget due to his size…a whopping 5 lbs!). Nugget and I enjoy long walks to help burn off his never ending energy. We also enjoy working on new tricks/commands of which he currently does five of (sit, lay, shake, stay, and our personal favorite – high five!)

    I transplanted to the Hoboken/Jersey City area 5 years ago after college and I have fallen in love with the area and the great community within it (pets included)! In my spare time I love to be outdoors hiking, fishing, or just taking some time to enjoy the view. I’d be honored and thrilled to help take care of your pets every need and look forward to making new four-legged friends!



    Robert Sarrow

    robertHello! My name is Robert Sarrow and I am originally from northern New Jersey. I currently am a student at Stevens Institute of Technology studying Engineering Management. Animals have played a large role in my life whether spending time with my own or taking care of my families or friends. At home I have a flat coat retriever/black lab mix named Sierra. I am thrilled to be a part of the Whiskers and Leo family and cannot wait to meet all the animals and owners too.


    Sonja G.

    sonjafinalHi everyone! My name is Sonja, I am originally from Bronx, NY but have lived in NJ for the past four years and now reside in West New York, NJ with my husband and our two babies, Alice (our 4 year old Long Hair Chihuahua) and Bella (our 6 year old Siamese Tabby). Along with being a huge animal lover I am a Paraprofessional (Certified Teaching Assistant in NY) for children with and without special needs in the NYC area mainly within Early Childhood settings and an After-school Babysitter for school age children in the Hoboken area. I hope to one day be able to combine my love of animals and of working with children perhaps in a therapeutic way.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all and of becoming a part of the Whiskers and Leo team!  

    Nancy Ganz


    Nancy with the Laughing Face! I wasn’t specifically named after this great Frank Sinatra song, but I do always have a smile on my face and a laugh in my voice :) I’m a passionate animal lover and my husband and I have a French Bulldog named Mutzarella! Mutz is also the big fur-sister to our recently born son.  I love taking care of Whiskers and Leo clients, but unfortunately we had to relocate down south; however, I’m still involved as an office assistant, so I’m sure Ill speak with you on the phone or over email about your wonderful pet(s)!



    Ruby Fuentes

    rubyHello, my name is Ruby and I am still pursuing my education. I have been undecided with whether to pursue Veterinarian science or becoming a teacher because I love both animals and children. I currently own 5 dogs: a pit named Luckie and my chihuahua mixes, Ellie, Misty, Tim, and Blanky. I also have a cat name Tigger, and 3 Guinea Pigs, Theodore, Trixy and Twinky. As you can see I am an animal lover and you picked a great service to care for your pets’ needs. I look forward to meeting you and your pet(s). You are in great hands! :)

    Kathleen Lynn

    KathleenHi, I’m Kathy!  I am a sports fan, especially the Yankees  and a pet lover! I wanted to work for Whiskers and Leo after they took such wonderful care of my beloved Maltese, Daisy.  I have spent my professional career in communications- from television to public relations.  I am excited to be a part of the Whiskers and Leo Team!

    Bobby Cronin

    bobby-w200pxh200pxHi! I’m Bobby Cronin, a Yale educated former emergency veterinary triage nurse who now makes a living as a composer/writer. I have been pet sitting for the past four years now and am excited to be a part of the Whiskers and Leo team. I live in the Weehawken Shades with my two dogs Lily & Olive, my cat Samson, and a rotating array of goldfish.

    Denise Carballo

    denise-w200pxh200pxHey there, Im Denise, a big city girl with southern roots. I relocated from Houston, TX to New Jersey in 2006 with dreams of living in the big city. Upon moving I feel in love with charming Hoboken and have been a resident ever since. Im a huge pet lover and dog owner myself; I have been pet sitting since my teens. I love all breeds and I’m a sucker for those sweet puppy dog eyes. If you can find me around Hoboken walking my Cavalier King Charles, Mia, stop and say hi!

    Karen McClintock

    karen-w200pxh200pxMy name is Karen and I love being part of the Whiskers & Leo team! I grew up with a dog, frogs, turtles, guinea pigs, cats, a horse and basically any kind of animal I could convince my parents to let me have! I currently live with my husband and our 6 year old Wheaton Terrier, Stella, in uptown Hoboken. When I’m not taking care of my furry friends, I spend my time working on writing my first novel, hiking & kayaking (with Stella of course!) and traveling. I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

    Lynette Nguyen

    lynette-w200pxh200pxHello! My Name is Lynette and I use to live in Jersey City, but recently re-located to Nevada with my fiance.  I love all animals and have had animals all my life.  Now I have a kitten named Eydie from the Hudson County Animal League. She’s the sweetest little thing and I’m so happy that she’s part of my family.  Now that I live cross country, I can’t pet sit anymore, but I am the office assistant/manager, so I still get to help out, just in a different way!  Looking forward to working with you!

    Matt Miller

    matt-copy-w200pxh200pxHi, my name is Matt and I’ve lived in Hoboken most of my life. Ive always enjoyed being with and around animals! Throughout my life, I have had many pets from dogs, to cats and birds, even some frogs. Whiskers and Leo is a great company because they select their sitters with a purpose in mind, and that’s to give clients the peace of mind that their pets are happy and well cared for! I look forward to seeing the pets I take care of each day, and look forward to meeting new pets in the future.

  • If you would like your pet to be featured in our Photo Gallery, please send your picture to info@whiskersandleo.com.

  • All of our clients are very special to us, so we would like to recognize each and every one! So this month we would like to celebrate...

    The Red CarPET: Meet Benji & Winnie

    “Benjamin and Winnie are quite a pair!  Benjamin is a Terrier mix who is very feisty, despite his smaller stature. He takes a while to get to know and become comfortable with new people, but once he does, he’s your friend for life! Benjamin loves treats, and really loves to bark – it’s all part of his quirky personality!

    Winnie is a Pit Bull mix who is just a big mushy sweetheart! She loves to go for long walks, and she also loves her treats. She is a typical Pit, enduring long bark fits and occasional treat-stealing from Benjamin all with patience. She very rarely gets frazzled, and loves to make sure everything around her is ok!

    Spending time with Benjamin and Winnie is truly a joy. They are both so different in personality, but they’re also both so so sweet, and it is just a pleasure to hang with them, and to keep learning from them. They keep everyone smiling, and on their toes!!” :)


  • Whiskers and Leo Pet Care is dedicated to helping homeless pets find their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting any of the pets below, please email info@whiskersandleo.com.


    PLEASE SHARE AND PASS ON- One of my sitters if fostering this great pup, please help him find a home! He reminds me so much of my little Val when he was a pup!!

    “Hello to my Dog Loving Friends,

    For the past couple of months, I’ve been fostering an amazing puppy named Slush Puppy, or Slushie for short. I saw his face on Twitter and had been really wanting to foster again, so I followed my heart and saved him from the NYCACC Kill Shelter with twenty minutes to spare.

    He was a street dog and came in at about 8 months old. A dark colored pit bull — a death sentence at a shelter. He caught the dreaded kennel cough (cold), which most of them do in fact get from being there — hence the short life span of a kill shelter dog — and Slushie was put on the “To Be Destroyed” List.

    When I picked him up, his skinny body jumped up to kiss me with his big head. I knew he understood he was safe!

    Slushie was very confused, and frightened at first. He had zero training (thank God for Bounty!). And…he wanted to kill my dogs! But…after three days of slow integration and having him tethered to my side (I had leash burns!), they started to trust one another and have become the best of friends!

    So, a now healthy and happy Slushie and I are reaching out to see if you could help us find him an amazing forever home by sharing his Petfinder link to your friends, families, and fans.

    Slushie has so much love to give. He’s the best cuddler I’ve ever met! He’s super smart as well. Very active. Dog friendly. Loves everyone he meets!”

    +++ https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/33710166 +++