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How to Prevent Dog Bites

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Date: November 10th, 2010

Your dog is part of your family, but do not forget that your dog is still an animal, and needs to be treated a certain way.  If you are a dog owner with children please follow these rules:

(1) Supervise your kids when the dog is around.  If a toddler is interacting with your dog, you should have your hands on the dog too.  Even if your dog has NEVER bitten before, you do not want to take a chance.

(2)  Make sure you train your dog.  You can get an in-home trainer, like Bark Busters, or you can bring your dog to obedience classes.  Never act aggressive towards the dog when he is misbehaving, because then you are just teaching your dog to be aggressive.  Make sure you involve your whole family in the training of the dog.

(3) Spay or neuter your dog.  Neutered pets are calmer, healthier and less likely to be aggressive.

(4) Condition your dog for the world.  Give your puppy/dog lots of new positive experiences.

Even though you see a cute dog, this doesn’t mean you should run right up to it and pet it.  Safety first!

If you are a parent, please go over these rules with your children regarding dogs.

(1)  Teach your kids to not hug and kiss your dog on the face.  This has been some causes of bites to the face.  Have your children scratch the dog on the chest or side of the neck.

(2)  If you want to let your children pet strange dogs, first ask the owner, then let the dog smell you.  If the dog shows no sign of affection, then you can pet the dog on his chest or side of the neck.  Never pet a strange dog on the top of the head, because this can be a threatening jesture toward the dog.

(3)  Never tease a dog, especially when he is eating, sleeping or protecting something, like his toys.

(4)  If a dog is running towards you or threatening you, stand completely still, do not run!  If you stand still, the dog will no longer be interested in you, but if you run, the dog will look at you as prey.  This works for strange dogs or your family dog that is getting too aggressive or frisky.

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