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How to Control Shedding

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Date: November 29th, 2010

Are you finding unwanted pet hair in your food? What about embedded in your keyboard or stuck to your glossed lips? Pet fur seems to have an ability to get everywhere.  Shedding happens year-round for most pets, because we keep them inside most of their lives.

Here are some steps to control the shedding!

  1. Invest in a Very Good Brush – Many pet owners swear by the Furminator, a brush that catches not only the top fur but also the fur underneath. Used once a day, it is thought to really reduce the amount of fur in your house.  They sell them for cats and dogs.  I bought the Cat Furminator, and it is terrific.  It really gets to their under coat.  The only problem is that it is a lot of work, but it’s worth it!
  2. Hit the Groomers – If you can afford it, grooming often reduces the amount of fur that is shedding.  However, with cats, I do not suggest a groomer unless your cat handles stress well.  Cats are fastidious animals who love to keep their bodies clean. Cleaning is instinctive behavior, and cats have been washing themselves with their tongues for as long as they’ve been around. So I wouldn’t suggest taking a cat to a groomer unless it is absolutely necessary.
  3. Revamp Your Pet’s Diet – A healthy diet will help control shedding. Be sure your pet’s food has meat as the first ingredient and that it meets the standards for a healthy food. Consider adding a little bit of olive oil to his diet as well.
  4. Eliminate Stress – Many pets will involuntarily shed when stressed out, such as on a trip to the vet. Keep yourself as calm as you can in these situations since pets pick up on our emotional signals, and be sure to praise and reward him throughout the experience.